09 April, 2014

Springbrook National Park

For some reasons I think blog speak out my photos better than Facebook.
Love travel and therefore love to do photography. 
That's the only way to keep beautiful things alive forever.
But to keep them alive need a good platform to let them shine and I hope people can see through the photo and feel the beautiful I see.


Went to Springbrook that located in Gold Coast hinterlands.
We visited Purling Falls, Best Of All Lookout and Natural Bridge for glow worms.

Springbrook National Park, bibo falls
Purling Falls

On the way to Best Of All Lookout it is a chilly mossy bushy walking track.
The low afternoon lights created the perfect lighting on trees and leaves.
But I think I need more practise on catching the right angle and natural lights. 

Springbrook National Park, Best of all lookout, Sunlit Golden hours

The lookout.

The most exciting part of the day: Glow worms.

Photo credit to Yunghowe. He has better skill than me :p

26 March, 2014

New things to try!

Towards the end of the summer but we're still getting pouring rain.
Actually I dun really mind raining cos it is always the weather make me calm and relax.
Still remember back in high school time I used to leave the window slightly open to let the cool breeze come into my room
And sitting on the edge of my bed next to the window and stared in the rain.
Sometimes a moment like this will make me miss home.


The passed few weekends were quite fulfilling.
We went shopping, outing, road trip, getting furniture, tidy up house...
We both have quite some stresses on shoulders atm but still try hard to make sure our weekends well spent :)

One thing I love about Aussie land is that there's always SALE on
Basically every 3 months things are on bargain and you have no excuse not to just "have a look"
And now my sister is also in Brisbane so more shopping power LOL
Plus I think I have quite a good sense for our coming wedding
the clear direction and theme give me more reasons to shop around

When two girls down to shopping... there is always more to buy...

We pretty much forgot the lunch at DFO and soon after we coming out we realise YES we are hungry!

SanChurros yummmmm

We actually start collecting our couple photo shoot props and wedding deco pieces

Wooden letters from Typo - 3 for $10!

Vintage picnic box with cutlery from Kmart - $12

Wooden photo frames from Target - $31 for two
Whatever we buy we make sure it has more than one use.
And because we still have plenty of time til the wedding I make sure we can max every dollar we spent
In this way I can have more things I want within our budget
Well now I mention about the budget...
We have not draw up the budget yet!  *Top listed*


I'm very weak in alcohol so YH is helping me to build up my strength by increasing my drinks quantity
We started with wines and beers and now we have some Vodka at home
Can't forget that have to seriously watch out the calories but I think I'm managing well

 Lime n Bitters with vodka (used soda water) It actually tastes great!

After quite some time we visited Ikea again *yay*
It is one of my favourite place to spend the whole day with 
(even not buying anything but looking ideas for future home)
Can't deny we are 'home couple'
Have been renting for several years now and we always live with restrictions eg money/space
Now I'm just thinking we actually deserve something better in house
Cos who knows when we will move into our own house and we are wasting our life just for WAITING
Life shouldn't be wasted on 'wait'
If we can, then have the life we want!

We finally put our falling apart sofa bed on Gumtree and sold for $20
Haha! not too bad cos we bought for $50 second hand
So now our living room is ready to welcome a new sofa!
Getting it soon!

A must have meatballs treat at IKEA :)

We really think IKEA has improved in products quality. Everything look gorgeous and delicate with great price!
ohhhh can't wait for our own space!


Went to Maru Korean Restaurant in city last week and were quite surprised with the food
They have new set of menu and food taste yummylicious! 
Should go more often now

Cajun chicken salad with majo and masted

Raw beef bibimbab*YUMMMM*

Soft tofu spicy soup with pork and egg

Well need to thank to Sandra and Amanda put up a great weekend dinner plan!
Eat Street Market at Hamilton
It was so crowded when we were there but with the million food choice you will forget all the push
It is a place to my liking bcos of the country setting and lighting
and easy parking and live band in open space
Will definitely go again and again!

First try on Cronuts - Croissant donuts. Interesting combination from US.

We sat there for awhile after they head off. With no reason, I just love the grass carpet sooosoooo much.

A Sunday morning that have no milk and bread at home
So I brought yh out to mall for a long lost breakie at Jamaica Blue
I kinda have a 'country fever' I think.
Am so in love with all vintage country places and things.
Maybe it's bcos I always keep them in myself and now I can actually have these things in my wedding so put all the desire top on the demand 

Yes, I'm a vintage girl :)

Nice cafe but he's not satisfy with their coffee.

My Turkish chicken sandwich

His egg benedict with bacon
Lastly here is what I cooked for him few days ago
butter chicken with potato and greek yogurt on top
served with his version of baked garlic tortilla

25 March, 2014





无论发生什么事,那都是唯一会发生的事。我们所经历的事,不可能以其它的方式发生,即便是最不重要的细节也不会。无论发生什么事,那都是唯一会发生的,而且 一定要那样发生,而不是"如果那样,就不会这样了"。生命中,我们经历的每一种情境都是绝对完美的,即便它不符我们的理解与自尊。


已经结束的,就已经结束了。这是如此简单。当生命中有些事情结束,它会帮助我们进化。要完整享受已然发生的事,最好是放下并持续前进。你坐在这里,读着这些 文字,我相信绝非巧合。 如果这些文字触动你的心弦,那是因为你的因缘成熟。你明白,没有任何一片雪花会因为意外落在错的地方。”

02 March, 2014

Stepping Into March

一晃  就到三月了
好嘛  我就是不甘愿读书然后用碎碎念来发泄
就这两个月  很快就过的! =)


就是一定要有一点作为才爽 =P
所以买了这本scretch book想用我自己的方式计划我们的婚礼

当然我也需要开心 😄






生活不就是这样嘛 常常被晒得跺脚大跳
可是只要哪天心突然放宽了会宁可打开那道窗帘  欣赏起外头的蓝天白云
希望很快就能结束我不爱的一切 让自己能够拥有每一天

一个星期又要结束 又要赶下一个进度了

13 February, 2014

Start the preps

It is so exciting just to google those beautiful wedding ideas.
That's something I have dreamed long enough and finally I'm engaged and can dip myself all into this excitement/romance/nervous/happiness.
And I just realized YES, its not easy to plan for own wedding.
So much expectations and so much desire towards that.
I think its just because, like other girls, I have a big dream on my wedding and I treasure the once in life time experience.
Wish the best for it and hope to have no regrets even its not perfect...
And I know I know... no prefect wedding and cant have all I want on that day...
So I hope for some supports from you guys, 
help me and lead me to the right direction... 
and maybe try the best with me to make them come true?

This year I said to myself to start fight for my dreams.
I want myself to have more love and care to my own dreams.
Now I'm standing on one of my big dream and I feel the pressure to step out again.
I still scare to get the judgement look from others...
I still care how people judge me...
Can I really make mine a bit different to others?
Is this really risky to try something that haven't done by others before?
Will it be a disaster on that day?
Are you really happy with my idea after all...?

Is my dream too big to fit into the reality? 

Well, keep moving and give myself no regrets I guess?
It's probably right to enjoy the engaged status rather than rushing towards the wedding.
but still... cant wait for every single plan to come to real :)

I bet it's better to hear "can't do" after working hard tgh than a big BUT just after the idea is brought up.

If only i can have my "mate of honor" close to me and a bunch of bridesmaids...

11 February, 2014

Currumbin Valley

It was awhile ago we made a trip down to Currumbin Valley.
Didn't know what to expect from there but falls (which I know from The Bachalor lol).
Typed in on google map and head  down south with sunny skies.
Perfect :)

The map brought us to a down stream rock pool,
which  is the Currumbin Rock pool we found on net.
But... nothing look like what I saw on The Bachelor huh....
Anyway, did some shooting n head off to inner part of the valley.

currumbin rock pool fangying

Lots of families there and kids are having so much fun there.
Next time should have prepared some clothing so can jump straight into water! 

It is around 2km drive from the pool to the Springbrook Reserves.
Again, we didn't know that until we saw the sign. 
A very relaxing drive with the country style houses along the road.
Those are really humongous houses with huge yards and there are two parks beside the road as well.

Walking into the reserves I think I finally found the falls I saw on TV.
Huhhhhh and I think they also make illegal climb to swim there. *sneaky
Well... have to say it is a nice falls and quite fun by looking people doing the water slide.

The weather turned cloudy when we're at the falls.
Heading to coastline to visit the famous Elephant Rock at Currumbin Beach.
We stopped on the way out from the valley and accidentally drove into the multi million estate.
It could be one of my dream just to have a single night stay in those gorgeous houses. 
There is a pond near the entrance and see who we met?

So adorable and beautiful gooses.

I think they knew we have nothing to feed so they started ignoring us and run away.

One by one, they jump into the pond and swam away.
Some struggled with the height? heehee

I'm sure there is a leader among them.

So our next destination was Currumbin Beach where further down from Gold Coast.
Standing on the Elephant Rock lookout overlook the Gold Coast skyline.
The view is awesome!

I enjoyed so much in the short trip down.
Wasn't plan so kinda get the most out from the surprise.
And feel so proud and fulfilling when finishing my photo edits =)